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How Do I Start?

You know what, Fellas? To start something that never being our habit is DIFFICULT. Why do I say that? Let’me think out!

OK, I give you an example. If you never reading, but you want to do it continually. It will be difficult to do. In the same case, if you want to be a famous writer but you never write something, it will be possible because you never do it being your habit. Yuhuu… That’s the point that I want to tell to you. How do I start writing continually?

According to Adele Ramet in his book under the tittle Creative Writing (How to unlock your imagination, develop your writing skill – and get published), one of the first that you should remember is MAKING TIME TO WRITE. Yepp, you should write something every day, even if all you do with the finished piece is tear it up and throw it away. Writing something, anything, every day will enable you to build up the discipline and commitment. Even you should make writing is more important than washing dishes, cleaning, dusting, or mowing the lawn. Hahha… But it’s true, Fellas!

“But, I’m not really confidence with what I want to write.”

My friend, Dane, said that, “don’t think that you are not good enough”. I always remember that words, I should be confidence with what I write. Think that, “another people may not be brave to do something different.”

Here it is, I give you some tips from a book that I ever read. Taking the following steps can help you to write and will build your confidence:

  1. Set aside a corner in your home solely for your writing.
  2. Keep a notebook in which to jot down ideas.
  3. Select a suitable time to write each day and stick to it.
  4. Give yourself a time limit for writing, say, an hour a day to begin with.
  5. Write something every day and even if you think it’s terrible, retain it until the next day.
  6. Begin by re-reading what you wrote yesterday; at the very least it will encourage you to rewrite. At best, it will be much better than you thought and spur you on to write more.
  7. Buy a good dictionary and thesaurus.
  8. Manuscripts intended for publication must be typewritten so, if possible, use a personal computer (PC). The more professional your writing looks, the more professional you will feel.

Well, I just share what I know and I still learn to you. So that, I join with my friends that love writing on twitter @1hari1tulisan. I hope this writing will be useful for you, Fellas. Happy reading and happy writing!

Written on September 24, 2013



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