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Love and Dream


The cold wind blew hard with the beautifulness of lights sparkling in Eiffel tower. A married couple was hand in hand and standing in the ground of it. Then, the wife remembered a story about her six years ago, the deliberation in across the country with her husband. That the first time they met and decided to be a couple forever.

“I’m sorry. It’s not about I don’t love you. But we are different, mon chérie[1],” said a short hair man, Ari, held the arms of that girl and looked at her eyes deeply.

“But I’m sure we can do it. Don’t you think that uniting a difference is beautiful?” asked the girl and cried.

“I’m sorry. I can’t. Please, Chérie.”


In the middle of 2009, a summer time hit a small town in Borneo. The sun in the summer could burn the skins. But Ira would not give up, she went to the internet café to see the scholarship announcement which has been applied last year pleasantly. God was really kind that day. The hard effort that Ira did all day to read the Cliffs TOEFL Preparation Guide and tried to apply the scholarship to the universities in abroad, finally paid. She passed the test.

“I hope everything will be ok, my dearest daughter. Take care yourself. Don’t forget to Allah, always ask Allah’s help.” Ira’s mother hug and cried.

In the evening before she leaves Indonesia, she mused the separation with Ari last year until she moved and would make her life on. She would leave Indonesia to continue her study to the Kangaroo’s Country.


The flood because rain last night did not make him give up walking on the muddy street. It was just because he wanted to see the scholarship announcement in a university that Ari studied.

“Mom, I passed the application, Mom! I passed! My scholarship application passed.” Ari scream and jump happily while called his mother.

“O My Lord… I’m so proud of you, Son. God bless you. I hope it will be good.” The voice of his mother heard like crying.

His effort for a year and made essays to apply the scholarship, it passed. Even his effort for a year to reach his dream did not make him tired anymore. Ari would go to the Kangaroo’s Country to continue his study.


The journey of her dream in Kangaroo’s Country for a several years always makes her miss her hometown so much, Indonesia. Ira always contacts her best friend and her family via social account. She can see her mother’s picture. She was older and wrinkled, her young sister was teen, and her father. Ira was very missing them.

The coffee shop was so crowded, there are no empty chair except in the Ira’s place. A man who wear jacket and carried a backpack walked to her.

“Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” That man asked to her and wanted to carry his backpack off.

“Sure,” Ira answered and still looked at the screen of her laptop.

That man looked at a beautiful face of Ira and felt like ever know her.  Then, he brought his face close to her and called her softly.

“Hi … How are you mon chérie, Ira? Long time no see.”



[1] Chérie: A call to say “darling” to the woman in French.

Mon Chérie: My darling

Written on  September 26, 2013



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